Cyber Distribution has selected vendors that embrace Cloud, and address the Connectivity, e-Safety, and Cyber Security spaces. Our solutions help our resellers win business, open doors and increase profit by offering a combination of disruptive value, technical innovation and solution enhancement.

Cambium Networks The Cambium Networks proposition is simple. Cambium provides enterprise grade solutions offering disruptive value. These are cloud managed wi-fi, ethernet switching and wireless broadband. They offer low cost high quality hardware, with perpetual enterprise cloud licensing, and five year support inclusive.

Securly is a global student safety company that offers “pure cloud” solutions which enhance student safety online. They use AI to identify safeguarding issues in web sites, social media, documents and email. Their solutions are designed to reduce technical requirements, empower safeguarding teams, and improve parental engagement

Ventev is a recognised leader in Wi-Fi power solutions, antennas and enclosures. They offer a comprehensive ecosystem of innovative Wi-Fi products that address the unique challenges for deploying reliable Wi-Fi networks in indoor and outdoor environments where aesthetics are important.

TES Media – Wildfire provides solutions that help organisations merge their physical and digital spaces to improve customer experience, security and ROI. Wildfire brings together solutions including captive portal, location analytics, digital real estate, and push marketing to deliver business advantage.

Nomadix provides solutions that improve the performance, simplicity  monetisation and reliability of visitor-based networks. Their solutions include bandwidth management access gateways and application management appliances. Nomadix offers unrivalled reliability performance and value.

TechPilots’ classroom management tools for Chromebooks, give teachers the ability to simply select a class to view thumbnails of all screens and access a variety of tools to monitor students.

Class VR provides an affordable, manageable Virtual Reality, content management and viewing solution (VR, AR, MR) for business and education. Consisting fully integrated headsets an online content management and control portal and a rugged multi headset carrying and charging solution.

Ubigreen’s Smart Desk is a cost effective workspace management solution which helps businesses understand how their office real-estate is utilised. It enables companies to maximise occupancy rates, improve user convenience and manage cost.