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The Cyber Security Platform for MSPs

The Guardz platform is a comprehensive stack of security tools that enable MSPs to deliver a managed security service to multiple SME customers via a single security dashboard.

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Compelling reasons for MSP’s to adopt the Guardz platform

Guardz is designed and built for MSPs. Its MSP dashboard provides an efficient interface for your SOC team to manage many customers delivering  an aggregated view of all client environments and  providing comprehensive cybersecurity protections that seamlessly integrate with an MSP’s existing service automation (PSA) and management tools (RMM).

Cyber Security Risk Scores

Guardz examines the security posture of all users as and systems, as reported by each of the Guardz security tools,  and produces an aggregate organisation Risk Score for each end user customer. MSPs can use this risk score to:

Powerful Prospecting Tool For MSPs

Demonstrate a clients exposure to cyber security risk, by presenting a report of their external IT posture.

The assessment helps MSP’s to demonstrate value by….

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The Guardz Security Tool Set

Email Security

Strengthen protections from viruses, malware and phishing attacks with AI enhanced detections.

Endpoint Security

Protect laptops and servers from cyber threats such as malware and ransomware.

External Attack Surface

Continuous scan and alert of external asset exposures and vulnerabilities.

Cloud Posture

Check the security posture of cloud services in Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, and Slack.

Dark Web

Continuous scan for leaked user credentials exposed through external breaches or phishing attacks.

Secure Browsing

Keep your client browsers secure with protections from malicious websites and files.

Cyber Awareness

Deliver users with the necessary awareness to be the first line of defence.

Phishing Simulation

Deliver AI generated phishing simulations to highlight your clients weak spots.

Data Loss Prevention

Assess, monitor and alert for intentional and accidental data leaving the organisation.