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Keepnet Labs

Protect your business through the life-cycle of email-based attacks with this unique email security solution.

Did you know that over 90% of attacks on organisations start from a malicious email?

Keepnet Labs protects businesses throughout the lifecycle of email-based attacks, and provides a holistic approach to people, processes and technology to reduce breaches and data loss.

Modular Email-Based Attack Protection Solution

Keepnet is available as a public cloud service, or for those in hyper-secure environments, such as a private cloud or on-premises solution.

Keepnet is also available as a fully managed service.

keepnet email based attack phases

How It Works

keepnet threat inteligence

Keepnet Threat Intelligence monitors the dark web for signs of compromise of email credentials within your domains, enabling your SOC to take pro active remedial action against exposed accounts.

keepnet email threat simulator

Keepnet Email Threat Simulator sends real (sanitised) malicious emails, through your gateway email security systems, to a safe account within your network, simulating real attacks. This tests your email infrastructure and email security solutions enabling you to identify and remediate security blind-spots and vulnerabilities. 

keepnet phishing simulator

Keepnet Phishing Simulator tests and quantifies human vulnerability by sending benign phishing attacks to your team. Track their actions via advanced reporting tools. Create custom emails, landing pages and phishing scenarios that reflect your company culture within minutes.

keepnet incident responder
Keepnet Incident Responder enables your staff to report suspicious emails that have bypassed your email security, providing automated analysis and feedback of reported emails using industry leading threat detection technology. When emails are confirmed as malicious they can be automatically removed from all inboxes.
keepnet threat sharing

Keepnet Threat Sharing is a module that enables customers to create and join threat sharing communities. When the incident responder detects malicious content this is shared amongst your communities, with appropriate privacy protection, forewarning your SOC and users.