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Cyber Education

A Managed Service Delivering
Cyber Awareness For Schools

Schools are required to train their staff on cyber security threats and need to audit that this training has occurred. There are many generic training solutions available but these are designed to fit the budgets and requirements of business.

Cyber Education is an awareness programme designed to meet the school training requirements advised by the National Cyber Security Centre and to fit school budgets.

Designed for schools. Priced for schools.

It provides a rolling program of training modules, phishing simulations and reports, built around the school term rhythm.

Email Incident Responder Service (EIRS)

As an option (or stand alone) Cyber Education may be enhanced with Incident Responder. This service enables users to report suspect emails via our Phish SOS button. Suspect emails are then scanned to see if they contain threats, and if they do the suspect email is removed from every mailbox in the organisation, before damage can be done.

Cyber Education enables schools to answer the question posed by the NCSC to school governors and trustees, about staff training, with a resounding yes.

Does the school train staff on the common cyber security threats and incidents that schools experience?

The Cyber Education Service Delivery

Communication & Baseline

Phishing Simulations

Awareness Campaigns

Cyber Hygiene Tips

Phish SOS

Reporting & Improvement

New Starters

Why do we think there is a need?

0 %
of schools experience a cyber incident
0 %
of schools suffer phishing attacks
0 %
of schools experience periods with no access to important information. 
0 %
of schools say losing IT would cause considerable disruption.
The figures are taken from a 2019 report by NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre, part of GCHQ) and LGfL