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Keep credentials protected with Trillion™

Trillion helps MSPs keep their customers safe from the exploitation of stolen credentials.

Data breaches at household name companies have seen billions of personal and business credential sets stolen and for sale, with one campaign causing the National Cyber Security Centre to recommend resetting passwords of affected accounts.

With ongoing credential harvesting campaigns and data breaches how can MSPs help their customers  understand which credential sets  are compromised, and need remedial action?

The answer is Trillion, the breached account mining platform from Crossword Cybersecurity.

Trillion  continuously tracks billions of stolen usernames and passwords, providing warnings and monitoring progress to resolution.

Trillion offers MSPs and Resellers the chance to stand out as proactive network security partners, by identifying, classifying and remediating leaked credentials. 

Help your customers stay ahead of Access Brokers and the Bad Actors that they sell credentials to, with Trillion.

Trillion - Designed for today's Managed Service Provider

Massive scale

Massive Scale

Trillion constantly monitors the billions of account credentials passing through dark markets and criminal forums, looking for the few hidden accounts that might affect your customers.

intelligence analysis with Trillion

Intelligent Analysis

Trillion does a lot more than just locate stolen credentials. Our intelligent risk engines identify which leaked usernames and passwords have the greatest potential to result in corporate damage.

see what matters with Trillion

See What Matters

Without the right tools, monitoring breach data can be exhausting. That's why Trillion makes it easy to sort through it by providing data filters and automatic live account detection.

Crowd co-operation with Trillion

Crowd Co-operation

Trillion lets employees play their part in securing your customers by letting them help determine the validity of their own leaked information, and the potential impact it might have on your IT services.

Inbuilt training with Trillion

Inbuilt Training

Get your analysts up to speed quickly and easily by following the inbuilt training videos included with Trillion.

Trillion is Secure by design

Trillion is Secure by design

The management of business threats is perfectly balanced with the protection of user privacy, because security is at the heart of what we do. That makes us trusted by some of the worlds biggest brands.


Crossword Trillion Data Sheet

Trillion Datasheet

Active Corporate Data Breach Credential Monitoring Platform