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Student Safety


& The New KCSIE Guidance

The Department of Education Keeping Children Safe in Education (KCSIE) 2023 Statutory Guidance firmly puts the responsibility for the provision and operation of web filtering and monitoring solutions on school leadership rather than on the IT team.

Securly’s Safety and Wellness ecosystem makes Filtering and Monitoring Compliance easy.

With cloud based web filtering and monitoring powered by its market leading AI, Securly prevents access to inappropriate websites, provides alerts on detected student safety issues, monitors student wellness levels, and allows teachers to monitor student activity on devices in class. Throughout the solution there is focus on minimising staff workload whilst identifying at risk students and enabling early intervention.

Built for Education, Designed for Schools.

Delegated Administration

Filtering and Monitoring Any Device Anywhere

Student Safety Alerts

Monitoring Wellness Levels

Monitoring Devices

Any automated alert system has the potential to deliver too many alerts and false positives. Securly’s AI and configuration options minimise false positives and reduce staff workload.

Minimising Staff Workload

By examining whole sentences rather than key words and using “sentiment analysis” to identify negative context, Securly minimises false positives. The alert triggers can also be customised for different groups of students, increasing or decreasing the level at which an alert is triggered.

Outsourcing Alert Monitoring and Investigation with On-Call

Schools rely on On-Call to help identify and respond to students at risk of self-harm, suicide, bullying, and violence. The On-Call Team analyses alerts from Securly Aware and notifies school staff immediately to ensure that alerts are followed up in the shortest possible timescale, leaving teachers free to teach!


Securly Filtering & Monitoring Made Easy

Filter and Aware "How To" for DSLs

A solution designed for schools - simple for non-technical staff to use.

Securly Filter Product Brief

Securly Filter

Scalable, cloud-based web filtering for every school device, anywhere students go.

Securly Aware Brief

Securly Aware

The student safety and wellness tool that's helping schools save lives.

Securly On Call Brief

Securly On Call

Student safety monitoring by a UK-based team of experts, plus real-time alerts 24/7.

Securly Respond

Securly Respond

Respond to student alerts more efficiently and effectively

Securly Classroom UK

Securly Classroom

Device management for teachers to guide lessons and remove online distractions.

Securly MDM Product Brief

MDM For Schools

Mobile device management specifically designed for schools with Apple devices.

Securly Home Product Brief

Securly Home

Device and screen time management for parents when school devices go home.

Securly AI Chat

Securly's AI Chat tool giving schools control and visibility over student use of Generative AI.

Case Studies

UK DSL Training. How to use Filter and Aware.

This video is taken from a webinar, lead by Alex Davies, Securly Customer Success Manager. In this video, he helps DSL’s and SLT’s to  understand how Securly helps schools meet their filtering and monitoring obligations under KCSIE 2024.

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