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>> Securly – Focusing On Wellness

Securly – Focusing On Wellness

22nd February 2022

Securly, one of the worlds leading technology companies focused on student safety and management solutions, is extending its leadership position in student safety by placing more focus on student wellness and the steps to take before threats escalate.

The goal is to provide schools with more data and insight so that staff are able to make informed decisions about the likelihood of that situation progressing.

securly filter

Filter has had some added functionality delivering new features such as:

  • Time based policies
  • Extension for Edge
  • Site lookup tool

securly auditor
Securly Auditor is / will deliver the majority of the new Wellness features including Wellness scores, to track and alert on changes in student wellness, Responder to assist case management of safety alerts, and Think Twice to enhance email safety.

securly classroom

Securly Classroom has a brand new interface to bring it in line with the safety console. It now has full-screen support for Windows devices and supports Windows, Chrome and Mac.

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