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>> YouTube Controls with Securly Filter

YouTube Controls with Securly Filter

21st February 2024

Within education, YouTube can be a major distraction to students. But it also holds a wealth of useful educational content. With Securly Filter, you have the ability to easily manage student access to YouTube content, even if you don’t use Google Admin. Plus, you get much more flexibility.

YouTube’s Restricted Mode is a great way to limit students’ access to inappropriate content on YouTube. It removes comments on all videos and also prevents access to age-restricted videos and videos that haven’t been reviewed by YouTube’s system. You can manage this setting for specific policies to suit their educational requirements.

Below you will see a guided video on the powerful YouTube controls, including extra options beyond Google Classroom Admin. If you’d like to know more, why find out more about the power of the larger Securly Suite and how it can help your safeguadring obligations in relation to KCSIE (Keep Children Safe In Education).