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>> Securly Aware For Student Wellness

Securly Aware For Student Wellness

5th May 2022

Many students struggle to manage feelings of stress, anxiety, depression, and grief. These facets of mental health affect students’ behaviour and academic outcomes and without the proper support and interventions, they can even lead to violence, self-harm, or suicide. Despite best intentions, student safeguarding teams are stretched thin, often supporting hundreds of students each, and lacking the resources to know for sure which students are suffering and most in need of support. That’s where Securly Aware comes in.

Securly Aware is the next evolution in student wellness monitoring that builds on the powerful AI reporting and alerting and allows school IT and security departments to better manage potential issues with student wellness.

Securly Aware adds powerful new capabilities for student services and safety teams, that allow you to:

  • Know who’s at risk of self-harm, suicide, depression, violence, and bullying
  • Proactively support students who demonstrate concerning behaviours
  • Gain a clear picture of each student’s current wellness level
  • Intervene quickly when wellness levels drop
  • Respond to and manage alerts efficiently and effectively
How Securly Aware Works
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Gain visibility into students’ mental health

Identify students who may be at risk so you can intervene where you’re needed most.

At-Risk AI

Know your students’ wellness with sophisticated AI. Securly’s AI conducts a nuanced analysis of student activity — including their complete recent history — to understand if they’re showing signs of struggle in a particular area and assign a reliable, real-time wellness level.

Wellness Levels

Rely on evidence-based wellness level monitoring to understand and visualise each student’s current emotional state — and respond quickly if their level declines.

Flagged Activity Alerts

Receive real-time alerts concerning student activities via email, so designated staff can view all alert notifications and activity in their assigned OUs.

Monitor for nudity, bullying, suicide, and violence

Know immediately about concerning student activities with unrivalled AI-powered analysis.

Auditor AI

Rely on education’s longest-learning AI technology, using sentiment analysis and natural language processing (NLP) to analyse students’ activities based on context, not just keywords.

Nudity quarantine and recall

Securely Aware for Student ProtectionKeep inappropriate images from being shared by quarantining files that contain nudity in Google Drive and OneDrive, and recalling emails with nude images.

Bullying detection and prevention

Receive alerts when harassing or insulting comments are detected in emails, social media posts, and documents, and automatically recall emails flagged for bullying.

Violence detection and prevention

Act quickly with immediate notifications if student activity indicates signs of school violence, and automatically recall threatening emails.

Suicide and self-harm detection and prevention

Know when students are showing signs of depression, grief, self-harm, and suicidal ideation so you can offer support and interventions if needed.

Be proactive with automated interventions

Use proactive and preemptive tools to get in front of concerning student behaviours.

Helpful resources, right now

Automatically present students with a message containing links to mental health resources using the Wellness Pathways Widget if their wellness levels decline. Securely Aware AI for student wellbeing

Think twice before hitting send

Address bullying before it happens with Think Twice’s real-time prompts that encourage students to reconsider sending or posting messages that contain harmful language.

Streamline alert and case management

Centralise and streamline case management, and get 24/7 support from trained experts.

Delegated alerts

Facilitate quick response by assigning alerts so they go directly to the staff members closest to the at-risk student.

Customizable notifications

Customise your notification preferences to reduce alert “noise” and minimise false positives with education’s longest-learning and most reliable AI.

Proven case management

Rely on Securly’s proven Responder case management tool to easily track cases from inception to resolution and maintain detailed case records.

24/7 response

Pair Aware with Securly 24 to gain a team of highly-trained specialists, who analyse alerts round-the-clock and notify you of critical situations.

See Students Who Need Help

With Securly Aware, know how your students are doing so you can focus your resources on the students who need support the most. If you are in educational IT and would like to speak more, or are a reseller dealing with education in the UK, please get in touch below.