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>> Nomadix – Customer Satisfaction in Guest Wi-Fi

Nomadix – Customer Satisfaction in Guest Wi-Fi

20th November 2018

Cyber Distribution and Nomadix

Cyber Distribution is working with Nomadix to help service providers and resellers in the hospitality, retail, and MDU sectors provide a faster more reliable guest wi-fi solution.

The principle of the “value exchange”, whereby venues provide free wifi in exchange for the ability to gather information and deliver marketing, is now prevalent in guest wi-fi. There are a plethora of cloud services, offering ever more sophisticated solutions, but we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that satisfied customers are repeat visitors, and fast reliable wifi is regarded as a basic necessity.

Nomadix provides internet gateway solutions that work with cloud guest wifi solutions, or standalone in conjunction with PMS, to improve ease of use, reliability, security, and performance.

The solutions utilise patented technology to ease the onboarding process, and offer load balancing and traffic management solutions to ensure that bandwidth is allocated in line with a venues’ priorities.