Ventev manufactures solutions which simplify the installation of Wi-Fi and IOT. They ensure reliable performance, improve aesthetics and enable operation in outdoor and hazardous environments.

Solutions include antennas, housing and power.

Ceiling Enclosures

Ensure access points blend with the ceiling and protects them from tampering and theft, dust and accidents. Ideal for accessing APs without breaking plenum spaces.

Indoor Antennas 

Choose from a range of aesthetically pleasing indoor antennas with high, medium and low gain, including the latest 5 GHz antennas, to improve Wi-Fi user experience.

Access Point Covers

Affordable solution for concealing and protecting access points from impact, theft or tampering. Accommodates access points with integrated antennas.

AP Mounts and Brackets

Provides the ability to position access points horizontally for optimal RF propagation. Optional cover conceals the AP and protects from tampering.

Industrial Wifi

Indoor/Outdoor Antennas 

Rugged indoor/outdoor antennas support demanding applications. Multi- axis mounts offer maximum durability and flexibility to precisely position antennas.

I-Beam Mounts 

Easily install antennas and enclosures onto I-beams with I Beam Industrial Mount and I-Beam Low Profile Mount. Allows safe assembly at ground level and then quick installation onto I-beams.

Hanging Conduit AP Mount

Mounts APs directly to a conduit hanging from the ceiling. Ideal for environments with high ceilings.

Double Antenna Mounts 

Easily install AP and up to two external antennas. Allows one AP to effectively do the work of two. Choose 10” or 18” strong arm mounts for optimum performance.

Outdoor Wifi

PoE Enclosure

Extend indoor Wi-Fi outdoors, even in harsh environments. One PoE cable powers both AP and environmental controls.

Outdoor Wi-Fi Antennas

Ventev offers one of the largest selections of outdoor antennas available to support all outdoor applications, including 802.11n and the newest 802.11ac wireless communication standard.

Outdoor Lighting Wi-Fi

Transform outdoor lighting into Wi-Fi hotspots with Ventev’s unique antennas that fit on light poles, inside light globes or in bollards.

Power Extender

Enables continuous operation of access points and surveillance cameras installed on light poles with intermittent AC power supply.


Aesthetic Wifi

Mini Ceiling Omni Antenna

Tiny antenna provides aesthetically pleasing alternative to installing bulky access points with integrated antennas on the ceiling.

Junction Box Wi-Fi Antenna

Housed in a standard electrical box, the Junction Box Antenna provides aesthetically pleasing Wi-Fi without sacrificing performance.

Wi-Fi Antenna Kit

Protects and secures a Nano or Micro Patch Antenna from the elements. Paintable cover allows it to blend with the surroundings.

Paintable Solutions

Paintable antennas and enclosures enable optimum Wi-Fi performance and blend into the environment.

Large Public Venues

Handrail / Guardrail Antennas

Bring seamless, aesthetically pleasing network connectivity close to users.

Handrail / Guardrail Enclosures

Houses two access points and two antennas facing in opposite directions to enable wi-fi on both sides of the handrail.

Dual-Axis Co-Locating Mount

Installs AP and antenna together. Rotates 360° horizontally and articulates vertically for precise positioning. Directional antenna (not inc.) conceals AP and wires.