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Know your external attack surface and improve your cyber resilience

Sweepatic is an external attack surface management system.

It discovers all the internet-facing systems used by an organisation, tests for vulnerabilities and configuration errors, quantifies the risk and creates a prioritised task list for remediation. This is a continuous, progress-tracked process.

MSPs using Sweepatic can offer a service to their customers which identifies and prioritises security weaknesses. They can charge to remediate, and show proof of progress to a more secure environment.

Sweepatic - A premium External Attack Surface Management Platform

With Sweepatic you get to know your attack surface and its exposure outside in. Because in cyberspace you don’t want to be an obvious target for bad actors.

The Platform is distinctive:


Overview of key information elements about your attack surface allows you to drill down to all details.


Action centre of structured and prioritised observations in function of criticality that require remediation.

Situational Awareness

A visual overview of your websites and their response status.

Network Graph

A topological, bird’s eye view of your global attack surface with all assets and their interrelation.

Better Insights

Knowing what to protect based on actionable insights is key.

Less Risk

Reducing your online exposure will eliminate intrusion options.

More Time

Automation unburdens your security team.

Less Damage

While guaranteeing a huge exposure reduction, we aim for zero.

European leader in External Attack Surface Management

Sweepatic - Cyber Security Made In Europe
Sweepatic - Global Infosec Winner 2021
Sweepatic - Corporate Excellemce Award
Sweepatic - 50 Smart Companies Of The Year
Sweepatic - Top Enterprise Security Award