We work with many different styles of organisation, from schools and universities, through to corporate, care sector, and blue light.  Each requires a different style of service. It is our goal to ensure that your experience with class VR is simple rewarding and cost effective.

We offer services including content creation and acquisition advice, installation, training and support.

Content Sourcing and Advice

Your content is all important, the VR solution is just a method of delivering it. The content should meet your goals, whether it is a design team wishing to visualise product, or care home residents wishing to go on a virtual experience. 360 photos, and videos. Drone footage, 3D models, 3D output from CAD or CGI. We can advise on how to create or source your content, or provide it for you.



Our technicians can configure and setup the ClassVR portal for you and configure the system ready for you to use. All you need to do is create an individual password and you are ready to go. Our technicians will…

  • Provide important network, firewall and port configuration requirements
  • Configure the ClassVR portal for your school
  • Add users and admins
  • Setup groups


Setting up devices can be time-consuming. Let our technicians get everything ready for you, so when you receive your headsets, just turn them on and you are ready to start teaching! All we need you to do is complete a technical setup form and then our technicians will…

  • Configure each headset with your  wi-fi details (as many as required)
  • Enroll each headset into your new portal organisation
  • Download and setup a default VR play list on each headset
  • Rename each device to your own requirements

Introducing ClassVR, a groundbreaking technology designed to help raise engagement & increase knowledge retention for students of all ages. Everything your school needs...

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