classroom vr headsets case

Safe, Secure and Ready For Action

There is nothing worse than technology that isn’t working, charged or ready to use.

Included with ClassVR, is a portable, ruggedised storage and charging case, making sure all your headsets are safe, secure and fully charged, ready for students to use at any time.

The case holds and charges 8 headsets at a time. The custom designed foam helps protect the headsets and holds them securely in place.

Secured Charging

The ClassVR case has been designed to allow devices to be charged even when the case is closed and locked.

An integrated USB charging hub, along with active cooling fans, makes sure that your headsets can be safely locked away and charged at the same time, with no fear of overheating.

Secure charging for Class Vr Headsets
portable vr headset case

Portable For Shared Use

Maximising the investment in VR can mean making it available to as many people in as many locations as possible. That’s why the ClassVR case has been designed to be as portable as possible, allowing headsets to be easily and safely moved from one location to another.

The extendable handle and rugged wheels make moving the headsets simple, and with its strong ABS shell and soft internal foam padding, your headsets are safe from knocks, bumps and rough handling.

Introducing ClassVR, a groundbreaking technology designed to help raise engagement & increase knowledge retention for students of all ages. Everything your school needs...

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