Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) can open up a vast array of new possibilities across a wide spectrum of industries, from viewing properties in 360 degrees for real estate, to situational awareness and simulation for military training.

Virtual Reality can save time and significant cost, and provide a safe, immersive and realistic experience for users, some not even possible in the real world. Our ClassVR technology can be adapted to meet the needs of many different vertical markets, from white label solutions to custom hardware and software development for specific industry use cases. Find out more about specific use cases in industry below

VR & AR For Military and Defence Training

One of the key advantages of Virtual reality is the ability to immerse users in a virtual, yet safe, world.

This is ideal for applications in the defence sector, providing military personal and defence contractors a way to gain valuable experience of dangerous or life threating environments from the safety of a training room.

army virtual reality battlefield training

VR & AR For Real Estate

Imagine showing someone around a portfolio of homes from the comfort of your office, or guiding a client through a new design where they could experience the space, light and feel of a room.

Virtual and augmented reality offers experiences like no other, allowing people to conceptualise and understand what’s difficult to imagine from a picture or a detailed description.

real estate virtual reality

VR & AR Corporate Training

Virtual Reality holds unlimited opportunities for training in the workplace, from basic manual labouring techniques all the way through to high-level executive leadership development. ClassVR’s unique virtual and augmented reality solution enables you to deliver truly immersive virtual training experiences for your staff without the risk or the cost implications of taking them to a dangerous site or a remote destination.

corporate training VR

VR & AR For Public Attractions

Virtual and Augmented Reality open up a whole world of new possibilities for museums, zoos, aquariums, science centres and theme parks. Place experiences in context like never before, guiding visitors to immerse themselves in science, history, nature or entertainment.

VR / AR for public attractions

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